OÜ Tross-saagimine has specialized on construction diamond-wiresawing. As we have offered this kind of service for over ten years, we can assure that diamnd-wiresawing often brings simple solutions even to seemingly impossible tasks.

OÜ Tross-saagimine team with versatile skills is ready to offer service with high standard all over Europe and in case of a suitable job even further around the globe.

Wire-sawing is a modern technology. With reference to the development of teams and technology, the price of wire-sawing has become competative with conventional sawing methods. But wire-sawing has many advantages:

Unlimited depth of cutting
Right angle slots
Very fast cutting speed(that can even exceed traditional methods in reinforced concrete 10 times)
Can cut in very narrow conditions
Cuts that are at the same lever with the floor
Silent procedure
Without vibration
Underwater cutting
Cuts straight into massive
POssible to cut fast and effectively even huge granite surfaces

+ with special equipment

Cutting metal, steel and other materials
Dry cutting
Big round slots
Underwater cutting

Construction wire-sawing

OÜ Tross-saagimine offers service into every kind of materials - stone, concrete, reinforced concrete; door and window slots and wall and floor cutting.

Every cuts can be made in all kinds of angles and its not depending on the thickness and hardness of the construction that is been processed.

Cuts can be made from one side and cuts are right angeled. Wire-saw can cut even ten times faster compared to traditional cutting methods. By cutting with wire no dust is being produced and the process is quiet. Its possible to cut in narrow situations and even in totally dry conditions.

We have cut even 55 meters high. When in need its possible to cut underwater and we have specialists who have OWD license. Its possible to cut even 12 meters wide bridge with only one cut. With metalcut-wire we have even cut an entire ship.

With wire its possible to cut plane surfaces. For example we have cut tank foundations that have 5 meter wide diameter - that means 19,6m2 of surface. Tross-saagimine offers cutting service with special equipment for huge round cuts that can be up to 5 meters of diameter.

Sawing metal

OÜ Tross-saagimine offers service to cut metal, stainless steel, ceramics and even fiber.

Wire-sawing pure metal we have used successfully in industry, energetics and shipping. We have cut an entire ship In nuclear power station we have cut reactor cooling devices. With wire-saw it can be cut in other room through small hole.


With diamondwire-saw we offer also the opportunity to saw tunnels and shafts. With special granite wires and special machines we couldsaw granite up to 6m2 an hour. Bigger granite and marble pits use successfully wire-sawing. First information of wire-sawing are from 1968 from Carrara granite pit.

Granite and marmor

OÜ Tross-saagimine offers pakub wide surface cutting services with diamondwire-saw for construction sites substratum preparation and roadworks. Also we have cut pier constructions at harbour buildings. Several times we havecut straight down to massive with our special equipment.

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